Rosy Bora

I Love Filmmakers Who Make Movies on Practical Life: Director Rosy Bora

Ms. Divya Jay gets chatty with Ms. Rosy Bora, Director of the movie ‘THE LAST HONOUR’. Here’s how she shares her filmmaking journey and how she developed such a deep interest in watching world cinema.

I have a very simple family background. My father was a government employee and my mother is a housewife. I have two daughters, one is doing MassCom in Delhi and the younger one is in class 9. For the last 10-12 years, I have been associated with the Assamese film industry. I started my career as a producer, costume designer and assistant director under many veteran directors of assam. Gradually I cultivated interest in film direction. And I got the chance and appreciation from my producer Mrinal Bin Qutub, who encouraged me to do this film ‘The Last Honour ‘.

During the Covid-19 period as many of us may know, people from the healthcare industry played a vital role. But apart from those people, people like cremators played an important role according to me. Not only they but their families suffered a lot during that period. And nobody knows their sacrifice. So, they inspired me a lot.

I liked films like Pather Panchali by Satyajit Ray, Barfi and Metro by Anurag Basu and Gully Boy by Zoya Akhtar. Filmmakers who make films on practical life and anyone can relate themselves with such films are my favourites.

I completed my graduation from a renowned college in Assam, B. Baruah College. To become a director, one should have more practical knowledge along with a degree in filmmaking. I have great interest in different films of different languages and from that I have learnt about world cinema.

Support from families and friends is the most important thing in this journey of my life.

In a short film, you have to make the audience understand the whole substance in a very short period of time. It is more challenging and you have the pressure to give a positive message to society.

Pather Panchali had a great influence on me when I started my filmmaking journey. Other movies based on real life stories also influenced me a lot.