Chennai International Film Festival

EFFORT & FAITH are Key to Become Successful Filmmakers: Dir. Sadegh Sadegh Daghighi

I was born in a family of cinema professionals and I began my artistic career as an editor and sound designer and cinematographer in TV and cinema.

According to me, coming up with a good and influential topic as well as finding sponsors and investors for finalizing film production can be named as the biggest hurdles of filmmaking. However, if it’s my inner challenges as a filmmaker, I would like to deal with the social issues of my beloved country and the world.

I make films on war, social, children and youth as well as thriller.

Learning and remaining up to date, being a good observer and listener is very important and essential to be a successful filmmaker.

Short films are like breeze that sometimes turn into thunders; however, feature films are like thunders that occasionally turn into breeze.

I normally watch all sorts of genres; however, I’m more inclined towards realistic cinema. I’m a fan of American cinema because I love storytelling. In American cinema even those who make taboo films, have an interesting way of narrating the story. My favorite directors are Hitchcock, John Ford, Tarantino, Fincher, Nolan, Scorsese, De Palma and Coppola.

Effort, Faith, Effort, Faith, Effort, Faith is one message I would love to give all aspiring filmmakers.

My film THE INHERITANCE deals with complex human relations in today’s contemporary society and humanity & justice are the manifest of my film. I hope you enjoy my film and I’m glad to know that my film will be screened for film lovers and cineastes.